Land & Facility Purchase

The most basic way to make a profit is to earn while buying. We offer you the opportunity to get one step ahead with our service that enables you to buy the best property for your investment and the most accurate products for your business at the best price and in the fastest way.

You can check the farms or lands with different characteristics in Farmistan portfolio and make an offer. You can buy a ready facility or make a request for a land and facility suitable for the business concept you want to do. We will determine the property you want specific to your needs in accordance with the criteria you have determined.

Company Establishment

A tax number is required for foreigners in Turkey financial transactions; such as opening a bank account or purchasing real estate. A tax number is a personalized number, just like an identification number, consisting of a ten-digit number used for financial transactions. Foreign nationals can get their special tax number with their passports through the interactive tax office if necessary.

IT IS REQUIRED TO ESTABLISH A COMPANY TO RUN A BUSINESS IN TURKEY. As a result of No. 4875 Act and the reforms envisaged in the new Turkish Commercial Code; regardless of having a legal entity, foreign investors can set up all kinds of companies in Turkey and may engage in commercial activities.

Foreign individuals can establish a joint stock company or a limited company. In joint stock companies, the board of directors can only be formed by one person, and the board can also meet in an electronic environment. In addition, legal entities can be appointed as board members. Thus, foreign individuals or legal entities can establish a joint stock company, and board members may consist of foreign persons.

Farmistan carries out the works to organize the company establishment process of foreigners smoothly and to conclude them in the fastest way possible.